Goaldigger.fitness will be a social network where people can make money by posting their fitness routines. There are no requirements you have to meet to start earning, you won’t need thousands of followers, views, visitors… Simply log in and do what you love: workout and post on social media, and you will be paid for it.

Whether you’re exercising at the gym, at home, doing yoga, whether you’re a professional or recreational athlete, or you’re just planning to start exercising and want advice from others. Everyone is welcome in this community.

Help us develop this plan to the end. Even one dollar helps. Nowadays when everything happens online, this kind of social network is needed by society. But given the financial crisis caused by the COVID-19 virus, we are unable to find the money needed to complete what we started. Help us not to break the stake we have made so far, and trust us, if you join our community after we complete the project, that money will be returned to you.

We will soon publish the entire financial plan, so that you can have an insight into exactly what aspects we need money for and how much we have invested so far.

If you want to invest but are unsure and have more questions for us, contact us at contact@goaldigger.fitness